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Founded in 2004, MALIN+GOETZ is a fusion of Matthew Malin’s and Andrew Goetz’s corresponding passions for beauty and design. Partners in life, as well as business, their ethos permeates every aspect of the brand - from the meticulous efficacy of each formulation, to their iconic packaging, and of course to the individual architectural integrity of each of their stores. The products are made to be both gentle and effective, for all skin types, and for all genders. Each formula blends natural ingredients powered by advanced technologies to make skincare easy, starting with sensitive skin. 

All MALIN+GOETZ products are made within a 90 mile radius of New York to limit their carbon foot print. MALIN+GOETZ is certified cruelty-free, never testing on animals. Their beloved rescued pug, Mr. Greenberg is present at the office every day, and accompanies the couple on their travels. From the original store in Chelsea, to stores in London, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. 

6 products
  • Cannabis candle
    Cannabis candle Sold out
  • Detox face mask
    Detox face mask 400,00 kr
    Face mask
  • Vitamin b5 body lotion
    Vitamin b5 body lotion 350,00 kr
    Body wash
  • Eucalyptus deodorant
    Eucalyptus deodorant 200,00 kr
  • Bergamot deodorant
    Bergamot deodorant 200,00 kr
  • Bergamot hand+body wash
    Bergamot hand+body wash 225,00 kr
    Hand+Body Wash