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Defining luxury as time, process and craft, Para Moda is a modern take on the traditional knitting kit.

Opposed to the increasing speed of fashion, Para Moda knits are one-off pieces, defined as 'self-made luxury'. With each individual customer investing time and attention to the product, an awareness is built of what it takes to produce what we wear every day. This process is both fulfilling through dedication and satisfying through time investment. ultimately the purpose of Para Moda is to create long-lasting luxurious knitwear that every novice knitter can construct. 

Behind the brand is knitwear designer Benedicte Holmboe, whose experience spans leading international luxury tastemakers inclusive of Céline, Stella McCartney and Ralph Lauren among others. Holmboe takes the comfort of knitting to the next level with effortless designs and luxurious materials.

3 products
  • Racer Black
    Racer Black 2.810,00 kr
    Para Moda
  • Cosy Bib Black
    Cosy Bib Black 1.425,00 kr
    Para Moda
  • Cosy Bib Tobacco
    Cosy Bib Tobacco 1.425,00 kr
    Para Moda