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Mette Marie Kjær opened Sing Tea House as the first tea house of its kind in Denmark, with a strong focus on Asian tea culture. Since 2006, Sing Tea House has been working to spread awareness of the inspiring culture and not least the delicious teas.  

Tea, Camelia Sinensis, is an evergreen plant. Green and black teas are all derived from the same plant, but they are treated differently during processing of the leaves. 

Tea is believed to have originated in China, where Emperor Shen Nung, a scientist and plant collector, discovered the tea. For hygiene reasons, he drank only boiled water, and one day in 2737 BC, when the emperor was resting under a wild tea bush, the wind caused a few leaves to descend into the boiling water he was preparing.

He found the result refreshing and extremely tasty, and thus the tea was “discovered”. Tea should be stored properly, preferably in air- and light-tight packaging.

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