Idea (concept)

”We believe in quality and cuts that last year after year based on a new concept that challenges the conventional way of buying clothes”

ee12 revolves around durable aesthetics, functionality and sensory experiences. We look beyond the fashion industry’s seasonal dictate and offer collections in cuts and materials that are designed to last.

ee12 launches two annual collections in limited edition. ee12 presents the collections at trunkshows in our showroom. You can then try on and order your favourites against a pre-payment. Sixty days later, we ship your order to you after payment of the balance.

Our next trunk show will be in March 2022. Until then you are welcome at our showroom where we have a selction of limited editions available to purchase.



At ee12, sustainability is a principle and an approach that are ingrained in our design DNA. Sustainability defines our core concept and our foundation. We only produce clothes to order and maintain minimal stocks. We create classic silhouettes that last for years. With durable designs and hardwearing materials, we avoid the planned obsolescence that is so common in fashion.

Sustainability means demanding high standards from our suppliers and taking a critical stance to working conditions. Doing our best while having the courage to admit that we are not perfect.

Striving to make a difference – however small. Wherever we can.